Meet good people, find good light, and have fun.

That's Figge Photography.


A family of photographers since 1946

three generations of talent handed down parent to child

from master photographers Bill & Melba Figge

to their sons and daughter.


Today, Greg & Leslie carry on that longstanding tradition

of artful imagery and creative excellence

developed and honed for six decades..., and still counting:

And that is what makes a photograph a Figge.


Yet year in and year out,

what makes Figge Photography popular and beloved: it's family.

It is that feeling a client gets once they turn to Figge

be it for a portrait or wedding

for personal or business reasons:

that client becomes part of the family 

part of the longstanding Figge tradition.


And so it goes. For another generation.

Looking for a photographer today?

Find good people, find good light, and have fun:

Find a Figge.