An Homage to Dads, Especially Mine!
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Tuesday, May 23, 2017
By Figge Photography, Inc.
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It’s because Figge Photography was founded by my Dad. It’s because my Dad was my best friend. We looked alike, we had similar personalities, and I was his favorite (don’t tell my brothers, haha!). It is also because of my Dad’s untimely passing in 1976 to cancer, that I have always felt like I got a little gypped. Our time was cut too short. I have learned as a result of that heartbreak, that life is short and I cherish my relationships so much everyday. Love and loss stay with you that way. So, for all those reasons and so many more I have an especially tender nostalgia for Dads and of course anything related to my Dad. I love all the stories and old photos I can find, which thankfully there are many! I know I sound like a broken record, but it is only because I believe so passionately in preserving the life and love of those closest to you through photography. It has been a huge source of comfort and joy for me to have so many Figge photos. Not just images of Bill and Melba, but also of myself, my brothers, extended family, my son Nick, my stepdaughters and my grand kids too! It is the legacy I am forever linked to, and I am grateful for it.

I wanted to take the time to honor all the amazing Dads out there. For working hard, making us laugh and being so important to their families! Here's to our favorite Figge Fathers past and present, starting with my one and only Dad, Bill Figge. 

I could have added literally thousands of photos of adorable Dads over the years, it was impossible to choose, so these guys get the spotlight and why shouldn't they? It doesn't get much cuter than this! A huge hug to all the rest of you Rad Dads out there.

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