Capturing Kids! Figge's Guide to Timeless Children's Portraits
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Thursday, June 28, 2018
By Figge Photography, Inc.
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It is a pretty surreal feeling to have captured so many amazing moments with so many families. We always feel so honored and proud to have captured over SEVEN decades of portraits. Many of our clients have been with our studio for over 30 plus years and as a result we have watched so many of our "Figge Kids" grow their own families and we have been lucky enough to photograph many of their milestones along the way. 

What makes a timeless children's portrait? How should the sitting be styled? What do our Figge Families need to know about setting themselves up for success for portrait sessions? We have a few simple tips that we would like to share with you, small details that we have noticed make a big difference! After all, we've had a REALLY long time to see what does not work! 

The  most important gem of advice we can give when thinking of your children's portrait session is to keep it simple! The styling and background should be the element of the final image that you notice LEAST of all! In the end it is all about your child's expression and uniqueness that makes for a timeless Figge portrait. This is the key to making a beautiful fleeting moment last for generations to enjoy!

So take a little extra time to focus on making choices throughout the day that keep you and your children relaxed. Eat well! If they are really young consider their nap schedule and best time of day for your baby or toddlers. Are they happiest in the morning or afternoon? We will always work around your schedules. Food and sleep are hugely important factors to everyone's mood..., and a glass of a good chardonnay for mom never hurt either, ha!

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