Paradise Found
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Thursday, April 04, 2019
By Figge Photography, Inc.
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The phone rang at our studio. On the other end was Brock Cummings, whose family had lost everything in the devastating Paradise fire that affected so many last year. Thankfully, his family was able to relocate to Chico, and are beginning to put their lives back together, Over several years, we photographed each of his three darling children when each was a toddler; and Brock was hoping we could find and replace those treasured portaits. Our storage goes back to the early eighties, so there was a small chance we would still have the negatives. Our filing system is chronological, by job number; but unfortunately all we had to go on was the family’s last name. 

We narrowed our search down to approximate time spans. And after two days of searching, we found the negatives, which seemed nothing short of a miracle! Cathy and Leslie burst into tears, so moved we were able to help the Cummings. Next we emailed the family with the great news, the response from Brock is what makes our work truly gratifying.

"GOD BLESS YOU!!!! I cannot express how much we appreciate you and your team working so hard to find our kids!"

Below are a few of the images we were able to recover.  We are now in the process of replacing the portraits lost in the fire; and hope in some small way, we have helped this wonderful family continue to heal.


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