We Love Babies! Figge Photographs the Littlest Ones!
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Thursday, June 30, 2016
By Figge Photography, Inc.
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Photographing babies is always an adventure! Things don't always go as planned. Flexibility and patience are a must, but boy is it worth it!  It’s one of our favorite things to do.  Children are precious at every age, and it is so important to capture every stage of their life…so start when they are babies, you’ll be so grateful you did!

Here are some tips for a successful photo shoot: 

Timing is everything.  Although babies can be unpredictable, most of them are better in the morning, after a nap.  As the day wears on, they get tired and cranky, just like we do. Moms, you know your babies the best, so just make sure you schedule your session based on their best time of day!



Baby clothes have come a long way in recent years.  You can outfit your baby in the most incredible miniature fashion, the options are endless! Remember that there is nothing cuter than a baby’s chubby arms and legs, and of course, their bare feet.  Keep it simple.  Don’t overwhelm that little body with a big puffy dress or a coat and tie… don’t laugh! We’ve seen it all!  Think of a few easy props that you’d like to include. A favorite blanket, a sterling silver rattle, perhaps something sentimental and meaningful to you. These are memories that your baby will cherish when they grow up!


Babies are usually most comfortable in their own surroundings so we love coming to your home for a session. A lot of times it is easier to schedule a studio session and we try to keep the setting as natural as possible. Lighting is truly the most important factor in creating beautiful images so when photographing in our studio, we will often set up a big white pillows and quilt to look like Mom and Dad’s bed. In our Studio we get great natural window light and the look is so bright and fresh! Any background we choose should be timeless and simple so as not compete or distract form the little star of the show!


The last thing is fun! Everyone, including babies, look and feel the best when they are having fun. We love kids so much and it is a joy to connect with them. Our goal is to make the whole family feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed! So..., bring on the babies!


The Figges

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Stephanie Proffitt - 21 years ago 5/1995 Figge photographed my 6 month old daughter, Madison Kate in her christening dress! Still treasure those beautiful photographs! Madison Kate is now 21 and just graduated with her BFA in Musical Theatre from Boston Conservatory. Thank you Figge Studio for memorializing her first "gown" portrait!