Wedding Tips From Your Photographer
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Thursday, August 18, 2016
By Figge Photography, Inc.
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Your wedding day will probably be one big happy blur, and…over in an instant!  But, your wedding photos will last forever.  Here are a few tips that we always recommend.

  • Get to know your photography team from the beginning.  We highly suggest you schedule an engagement session for two reasons. We get the opportunity to work together and establish a relationship, plus it gives us insight into your best angles, etc.  The bonus is that you get beautiful engagement photos, and you’ll feel right at home with us on your big day!
  •  When discussing the timeline of your wedding with your wedding planner, be sure to include your photographer in that conversation.  Too often the time allotted and the photo locations are not realistically considered, and as a result, your photos may suffer.  Not good!
  • Make a shot list, even if you don’t think you need one.  While we have tons of experience and know the drill, we’re not mind readers!  Make a note of your special guests that are not obvious.  i.e. your Godparents, childhood friends, your college roommate who flew in from Paris, etc.
  •  Don’t forget to add anything that is sentimental that you’d like photographed.  Perhaps you’re carrying your Grandmother’s lace handkerchief, or would like to recreate a photo that was taken at your Parent’s wedding.  Just let us know and we’ll get the shot!
  • Be sure to give us your invitation as well as all the other beautiful paper goods that you’ve worked so hard on.  That makes for a wonderful photo and is a memory that you will cherish.


Now that that’s done, don’t forget to relax, savor every moment and…have fun!


Enjoy your day!



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Maile - Great ideas and photos are good examples - you are the best and lots of fun - YAHOO!!